Welcoming Summer

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IMG_5854.jpegLet’s join together and welcome the season of sunscreen, grilling, the pool, and breathtaking sunsets. We are ready for you, summer!

I know for many of us, it feels like spring and summer schedules have blended together. We’ve had our kids at home for months already and spring ceremonies have been cancelled, but I still think it’s important to mark that summer has started. 

Every year (not just during a pandemic!) we have a kick-off summer breakfast. I make a lot of food, and while we eat we pass around our summer bucket list. The kiddos each write down what they want us to accomplish over the summer, and it doesn’t have to be profound! Think watermelon seed spitting contest, get mom into the pool, etc. :) We also go over our new chore chart. We end the breakfast in prayer, asking God to bless our plans. It’s simple, but such a great way to mark the transition.

IMG_5569.jpegOur summer routines are more laid back, but still with structure. Bedtimes are 8:30 — even when the sun is up! Then I wake them at 7:30 because we function better as a family when we all start our day together, not staggering breakfasts and morning routines. We say the kitchen closes a 9am, so if someone misses breakfast, they miss breakfast! 

Chore time is 5:30 every day, and each day is assigned a different task. I’ve found it best when we all work as a team on the same chore, rather than everyone doing their own thing. For meals, I assign each kid a day for doing food prep with me. This way I can teach them some life skills as well. We make sure to teach our kids that we take care of our homes because God has called us to be good stewards of what He gives. I want them to see everything with a biblical view — even vacuuming!

We also monitor screen time over the summer. We do a maximum total of two hours a day, 30 minutes at a time. Rarely do they ever actually get to two hours, but this helps me keep track of just how much they are consuming. 

Another summer tradition is a weekly picnic. Sometimes we just eat outside at the farm, and sometimes we go to a park. I hope family picnics become sweet memories for them one day!

All this to say, I really recommend thinking over your summer routines, and do something to mark the transition. We all thrive off routines, so implement some that work for your family! Another practical way I mark the beginning of summer is I lay out winter gear to find out what’s been outgrown or worn out, and I can see what everyone will need for the next winter. (What am I going to do without rummage sales this year??) Simple things like this help give us a sense of marking the seasons.

For Rebekah Scott Designs, many art shows are already cancelled, so this summer will look quite a bit different! I’m looking forward to getting more house projects accomplished, but I will miss seeing all of you in person. We do have plans for hosting Facebook live events on the art show weekends. We will set up a virtual booth for you to browse and shop, so I’m hoping it will be the next best thing! 

Also, did you know we have an Encourager Membership Group? I’ve set it at $30 a month, so I hope you can take advantage of this great opportunity! A membership includes a monthly one-hour Zoom webinar, exclusive access to our Facebook group, lots of encouragement and constructive suggestions, and a free digital copy of my book Equipped to Execute: Guiding Moms to Joyfully Impact Family and Business. Now is a great time to work on your systems and gain momentum in your family and business, so I encourage you to take advantage of this unique season! 

May God bless you in all your summer schedules, systems, and endeavors!

Onward and upward,