What Makes me Really Happy…

Hello Everyone,

I decided that a couple of times a month I am going to write about what makes me happy. People often ask me “what makes you so happy?”, so I thought why not write about who and what makes me glow and smile all over? Please feel free to respond with what makes you happy, I would love to see the feedback and get ideas ;)

My Family

What makes me happy today?

Hearing our son Gus wake up saying, “Mommy, mommy, mommy.’ I love to hear his little voice calling me to duty in the morning: makes me feel alive and well-loved. And then when he smiles and opens his arms for me, I get really excited. Mostly he just wants breakfast, but the romantic part of me thinks its just me that he wants! What makes you happy in the morning?

2nd- (You know I will have a lot of these!) Sewing with new fabrics for the day. I don’t mind sewing styles and fabrics I have used before, but I literally lose sleep if I know I get to sew a new fabric or style in the morning. It just makes me really happy. I love to play with new colors and designs and new styles. I love dreaming big about who will carry this one and which one of my customers will love the new fabrics and styles. And then of course which one I will pick for myself! I just ordered this red and white polka dot that is the same scale as the Orange Dot on the website, and I can’t wait to see it and play with it. It will be ADORABLE for spring and summer. That’s all from me for now……. what makes you glow?