What’s New and What’s To Come At RSD

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fabrics pic.jpgIt seems like there’s always something! Here at Rebekah Scott Designs, we are constantly on the move, especially as the holiday season approaches. I hope this post gets you excited for new things to come! 

Shortly you will notice big changes to our website, shoprsd.com. The main update is that we will be very mobile-friendly. I’m floored how many people shop on their phones! This is true for more and more of our customers, and so we want to make the experience as enjoyable as possible! It never ceases to amaze me that after 13 years of business, I’m still always learning more about how I can better serve customers. You’ll find our updated website will be very easy to navigate on your mobile device and very clean visually.

With the holidays just around the corner, we will be coming out with an extensive gift giving guide. As we are compiling the list, I can’t believe that we truly have perfect gifts for almost every age and category! 

You may remember that about a month ago we introduced six stunning new fabrics. Well, our new fabric list is now up to 10! And they have all been so well-received! If you’ve been wanting to update your collection, I highly recommend one of these options. They are each perfect for year round, so you’ll get the maximum use out of them. Here is a list of all 10, along with my recommendation for what faux leather will pair well. (But note, lots of these fabrics would be cute with either black or brown!)

  1. Road Map: A classic black and white, rich with texture. (black)
  2. Scarlet: Red is my favorite color, so it was fun to find a red fabric I actually like! (black)
  3. Red Peony: Just beautiful. This deep, floral red is almost holiday looking! (black)
  4. Sketched Blooms: I love this one! Such a soft, feminine look. (brown)
  5. Chalk Dust: This has been super well received. It’s a beautiful neutral that would be fun to pair with any bright lining! (black or brown)
  6. Red Skipper: I love floral, and this one would add the perfect pop of color to your outfit! (black)
  7. Grey Rose: Another floral, in black and white. So elegant! (black)
  8. Intersection: This is a heavy, coarse fabric rich with beauty. (brown or black)
  9. Blue Spruce: A classic navy with stylish white arrows — so cute! (brown)
  10. Basket Weave: Incredible texture in a soft neutral brown, which would pair will with any outfit. (brown)

And lastly, make sure to join us if you’re near one of our upcoming shows! We’ll be in two places on Nov. 2: Miller, SD, for D Boutique Trunk Show, and Worthington, MN, for Holiday Extravaganza. And then Nov. 9-12 is Autumn Festival in Shokopee, MN. We can’t wait to catch up with our Minnesota friends!