Willow and Wren Special Collection

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Willow Rozzi and Black Houndstooth Polly.jpgI just can’t get enough of our newest special collection, Willow and Wren! 

I wanted a line that could be your go-to bag. Think white t-shirt, denim jeans, sort of bag. :) This is the purse you can grab every day, in every season, and it’s also the collection that will last the longest because of the weight of the fabric. It will never wear out!  

Why did I choose “Willow and Wren?” Well, they were the twin girl names I never got to use! And thankfully my awesome team let me do TWO color options in one collection, so each name  gets its own style. Here are the details Wren Angie.jpgfor each (or take a look at the Facebook video to see them up close!):

  • Willow: Willow features a burgundy waxed canvas, charcoal stripes, and Neon Magenta lining. You get to choose between black or caramel leather, and she is paired with a burnt orange zipper.
  • Wren: Wren shows off a hunter green waxed canvas with denim stripes and Kaleidoscope lining. You can choose brown or caramel leather, and she features a lime green zipper. 

The Willow and Wren are available in every bag style, as well in many of our accessories. You’ll see the Willow Kinley Cube, black.jpgaccessories display the charcoal or denim stripes, with their coordinating zippers, depending whether you choose Willow or Wren. The only exception is the Kinley Cube, which gives a full display of the glorious burgundy or hunter green waxed canvas.  

And speaking of the waxed canvas, it makes for such a fun texture, and it gives lasting durability. It truly gets better with time, as it looks even better when it gets distressed! 

Special collections feel risky for me because I love it when you get to personally design your own bag. But I like to design, too! So it’s a fun opportunity explore my own creativity and see what others think. And also, I’ve never backed down from risks. ;) Special collections are also fun because it sort of has an “exclusive” feel. I love being at art shows and seeing customers with a matching special collection purse give each other a “look.” So funny!  

Remember, it is a one-week-only special collection, so make your order before Sunday, or before supplies run out! This is a special collection purchase that will last a lifetime — both in style and in durability.  

Oh, and happy Valentine’s Day!