Your Ultimate Purse Checklist

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Happy New Year, everyone! There is always so much excitement for what a new year might bring, and it’s always an opportunity to trust God with whatever he has planned.  

January is also a great time for reflection and goal setting, so it occurred to me, maybe one of your goals is to be more organized in 2021. Well, you’ve come to the right blog post. ;)

Part of my mission is to help women be more organized, and I want to tell you some of the ways we do that at Rebekah Scott Designs. 

First of all, I pretty much add pockets wherever I can. So all RSD purses have a lot of built-in storage, great for chapstick, tissues, a facemark — you name it. I also include pen pockets in almost all the styles, which are great for Tide Pens, by the way! Most purses are large enough to store a pocket planner or calendar, and they all have places for a cell phone. 

And secondly, our accessory line is so practical and versatile. Here are just a few ways my staff and I use our accessories. I hope this gives you a little inspiration and motivation to stay organized — and stylish!  


This is our newly renamed sunglasses case, after my grandma, Elizabeth Christie. And of course, it is great for so much more than sunglasses:

  • feminine care products
  • kleenex
  • pens
  • sunglasses, of course! 


So many possibilities for this little pouch! It’s named my other grandmother, Pauline Eggers, and it will fit inside just about anything. Here are some ways we use it: 

  • chapstick
  • spare hair ties and bobby pins
  • a couple cough drops, mints, or hard candies
  • business cards 


Our customers have used this zippered pouch in more ways than I ever imagined! And I have to mention, people have loved our Cosmetic Club. Check it out here to find out about monthly exclusive cosmetics! 

  • fingernail clippers and file
  • medicine
  • first aid
  • snacks
  • travel Nose Freida (these are GROSS, but a lifesaver!)
  • mask


  • checkbook
  • gift cards and credit cards
  • cash
  • business cards 

There you have it: accessories for foolproof organization! 

Cheers to 2021!