Grit and Grace

I’m not a perfume girl, but I do love good smells. Coffee in the morning, fresh bread in the kitchen, pine trees in the woods — all great gifts to us! 

And now, I am thrilled to tell you about our newest product at Rebekah Scott Designs: our very own scent! It’s called Grit and Grace, and it comes as a roll-on vial. It is like a perfume, but it’s all natural with a woodsy, earthy aroma. It's a scent for the every day, with hints of spearmint, juniper berry and myrrh. 

For Grit and Grace, we have teamed up with Juniper Apothecary, owned by an awesome husband and wife duo in Sioux Falls. I’ve loved getting to know Joshua and Brittney Sopko over the years. They love Jesus, and I admire the example they set as business owners and parents. We had a great conversation on my podcast a while back — listen here

For years, I’ve enjoyed their skincare products, their sore muscle creams and their sleep-aid products for kids. And now, my new favorite product is Grit and Grace. ;)

If I ever got a tattoo (not in the plans :) ) it would say say “grit.” My life has been full of hard work (grit), all by the kindness of God (grace). This phrase has come to be a bit of a motto for me, and it connects perfectly to the scent.

With any order, you can request a sample of Grit and Grace. This is a great way to try it out before you buy! Happy shopping as you enjoy the fall weather. :)

Onward and upward,

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