Introducing 1948 Leather Company

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and for me, this is a particularly special year. I am excited and proud to introduce a brand new project I am a part of: 1948 Leather Company.

Yes, you heard that right: leather

My dad is the definition of grit and grace. He is the total image of a Wall Drug cowboy that you might see on a postcard, and he’s also the most soft-hearted man I know. I can remember crawling into his lap as a kid when he was braiding rope, feeling his calloused hands and breathing in the smell of leather.

I have so much love and adoration for him because his dad left him no example to follow, and he managed to walk a different path. He decided he was going to follow the example of his father-in-law — and he did! My dad is the most hardworking, skilled man I know, and I’m not alone in thinking this. How often I remember him walking into a group of cowboys, and instantly he had their respect. Still to this day, he exudes integrity, and I am proud to bring his spirit to the 1948 Leather Company team.

For those who have been longtime followers, rest assured that RSD is my first love and primary focus. It impacts so many lives and provides for several families. I am thankful for my awesome team with the 1948 Leather Company. They bring my ideas forward and merge them with theirs to develop some beautiful and amazing projects. 

1948 Leather Company, named after the year my dad was born, has been a longtime dream of mine. I love leather because of my dad and also because of what it represents. It is genuinely imperfect, and I think that says something abut us as humans. This company is inspired by all people with GRIT —

Genuineness, Resilience, Integrity and Truthfulness

These are all qualities my dad exudes, as well as so many pioneering women and entrepreneurs I am proud to know. Each of my 1948 Leather Company partners brought terrific stories of their families to this project. I brought the story of my dad. 

1948 Leather Company doesn't debut for another week or so, but I wanted to give YOU early access just in case you want to be one of the first to pre-order!! When you visit you'll need to click the padlock in the upper right corner, and enter the password 1948VIP to gain access to the site. Make sure you are on the 1948 Leather Company email list for a very special launch-week promotion!!

Happy Father’s Day, a few days early!

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