New Limited Collection: Maverick

Confession: I love Top Gun. Nick and I never go to movies, but I told him we HAD to see the new one in theaters!

I loved it — but not just for the movie. In the dark theater, watching the new Top Gun movie, a limited collection was born. I was so inspired! Nick couldn’t stop giggling — “THAT’S what you get from a two-hour movie?” Well, yes!

Our newest, just-released limited collection is called the Maverick Collection, and it was inspired by both Top Gun movies, as well as all those who serve our nation — past and present.

I’m always inspired by everything military. I love navy blue and red, timeless colors that honor our nation and imbue dignity. They are simple and foundational, and yet beautiful and full of pride because of what they represent.

I love also that military wear has to be completely functional. The distressed army green/gray color reminds me of all those who have served us and are serving now.

With the Maverick Collection, I wanted to incorporate all these colors, along with specially-made “Maverick” patches that are just plain cool. ;) To me, the patch says, “rebel with an honorable cause.” To top it off, the collection displays patriotic striped handles, and I can’t even tell you how much I love them!

So grab your bomber jacket and your aviators, and browse this limited collection while you still can.

Remember, it’s available while supplies last, which usually is not long. So there’s “a need for speed.” ;)

And if you’ve seen the new movie, leave a comment to let me know what you thought!


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