Own Who You Are

If you tune into my Facebook videos, you’ve heard me say it many times: own who you are. This is a phrase that has become somewhat of a motto for me — we even have it on apparel!

So, what do I mean by “own who you are?”

You have been fearfully and wonderfully made by God (Psalm 139). He chose to make a world full of individually unique men and women, all bearing his image (Genesis 1:27). He has uniquely created you with the chief purpose of glorifying him (Isaiah 43:7). 

This is who you are: an image bearer of God Almighty, made to reflect his glory. Amazing! And how do we glorify him? In a million different ways! We laugh with our children. We make delicious food for our family. We are thoughtful for our spouse. We delight in God’s creation. We are humble before others.

I could go on and on, but this is for everyone. Whether you are a working woman, stay-at-home mom or an empty nester — we are all called to glorify him in the lives he has placed us. 

I love that the first verse in the Bible says “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” Right from the start, we see God as a creator. This theme of creation has inspired me for so long. When we create something, we are being like God! 

I am so thankful that I get to own a business that is a small display of God’s creative character. I love that our bags can be design-your-own, because it gives YOU an opportunity to be creative! We all know that sense of joy we get when we create something. There are not 40 of the same RSD bag being carried around because they are uniquely made.

There is a song that I have been listening to over and over again lately by Needtobreath called “Who Am I.” SO good. I hope you listen and enjoy — and own who you are!



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