The Encourager Launching “Home System”

Guys, I have big news about the Encourager Academy, and I could not be more excited.

For years now, I have helped women find great success and fulfillment by honing in on four systems: the me system, the food system, the family system and the work system. In the coming weeks, we are launching a FIFTH system!

Allow me to introduce you to the home system! 

The home system is all about making your home a place of more peace and less chaos. This is so important because the home really is at the heart of our lives. “Home, sweet home” is a popular quote for a reason!

One of my favorite parts of the Academy is that it’s self-guided. I know women are in different stages with different strengths and weaknesses, and different current needs. Focusing on the home system might help you dial in on laundry, or maybe it will help you take your home decor up a notch. And if decorating isn’t your thing, and you just want basic help, we’ve got you. The self-guided nature of the Academy will allow the student to make this work for their current stage in life.

There are eight different areas covered in the home system. In one of these we will talk about decluttering, which is a really fun topic to discuss. Practically, it’s clearing the junk and creating order. We will also talk about cleaning, and how to stay ahead of the work and not get overwhelmed. 

I love telling people about how I run my home. It is a task that is highly undervalued in our culture, but whether people know it or not, a happy home in many ways is foundational to all the other systems succeeding. 

Keep a lookout in your email for the Encourager Academy’s home system launch!

Onward and upward,

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