Where to Begin Your Journey with 1948

By now, you’ve surely heard me gush about our new leather line: 1948 Leather. I’ve blogged about my inspiration for leather and how this new product line got started, and now I want to help you know where to begin.

The theme of 1948 is “journey on,” and the beautiful thing about these leather products is they are a timeless addition to our journey. No matter what this world throws at us, we are all on a journey, and with 1948, we provide practical, enduring products to serve God well — on whatever road he calls us.

Think about it: can you imagine getting your mom’s Bible cover someday? Or your dad’s journal cover? I can’t wait to see these pieces tattered over many, many years — well used generations down the line. 

So, where to start? A great carry-all statement piece is the Lauren bag, an over-the-shoulder tote that is available in multiple leather options, plus has an option to add a luggage strap.

The wrap bracelets are another very popular place to start, and they add a beautiful, natural flare to any look. Right now I’m loving these wraps in the evergreen leather!  

Like the wrap bracelets, other great accessories include the corner bookmarkkey fobmug sleeve and passport wallet. Our products have your journey in mind: 

  • Bookmark: Because reading is a journey all by itself.
  • Key Fob: It goes where you go! And you can smell it before you see it. :)
  • Passport Wallet: Hopefully you get to use a passport at some point!

I also love that many of the 1948 products belong sitting by your Bible. You can enjoy the deep scent of leather during your Bible reading with a Bible coverjournal covermug sleeve for your coffee, and a corner bookmark to keep your place.

Make sure you are staying tuned with 1948 Leather, as we keep developing new ideas. (Scroll to the bottom of our site to join the newsletter.)

Just in are the Adlee crossbody and the Apple watch band, and we have recently introduced our newest leather collection called the Pioneer Line, which are full-grain hides featuring an aged, rustic character. Available for both the Paige bucket bag and our wallets, they are a bit softer and more supple than our popular Heritage Line.

We keep adding leather colors, and many product upgrades are on the way. So make sure to watch for new features for the Design Your Own experience with 1948.

If you’ve added a 1948 product to your journey, help others out by leaving a review on the product page, or comment below to let us know what you love! 

And as always, “journey on.”

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