Rebekah Scott

Owner & Designer

Our Mission:
To inspire creativity and confidence for people by providing quality handmade products and excellent customer service.

My priorities:

    1. Servant of God
    2. Wife to Nicholas
    3. Mother of Four
    4. Owner and Designer of Rebekah Scott Designs

Thank you for allowing me to keep my priorities in order. I love my job!

“Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God's grace in its various forms.”  1 Peter 4:10

I am an original seed company.  I have loved sewing since I was four years old- kneeling next to mom and begging her to let me cut some scraps of fabrics to create something on my own.  Until she allowed me to belly up next to her sewing machine, I would take Kleenex’s and a stapler and create things for my Barbie.  Eventually Mom decided I did in fact have what it took to honor this tradition and handed the baton over to allow me to sew and design.

I started Rebekah Scott Designs in 2003.  I wanted to have children and be able to stay at home to raise them by my side and design with them close.  I knew I had to start a business somehow --so my husband and I worked hard to become debt free with the Dave Ramsey program and eventually my hubby (seeing the itching that went on all over me when I needed to sew!) said “OK- launch your business!”  And LAUNCH I did!  The first night I stayed up till 2 am sewing in my happy place, humming and thanking God for the opportunity to see my seeds grow. 

In the beginning I had a dry spell- so I improvised.  I knew I needed fabric to sell some purses but didn’t have any cash flow so I paced around thinking of various solutions and one thought came to mind- I have really cute curtains!  So there I was cutting my curtains into adorable handbags!

Each year the seeds took on new sprouts- new employees to make things faster, better and be able to harvest more fruit and different varieties for the new customers.  We employ South Dakota women eager to work and sew good seeds in a growing America.   With good water, plenty of help and continued support from good roots- Rebekah Scott Designs became a federally trademarked directs sales brand.

I can’t emphasize enough how much I love what I have grown all these years.  We have four little ones watching close by.  They continue to inspire me, put smiles on my heart, remind me the whole reason I ‘grew such a large garden’ and allow me grace to balance all the roles I have been blessed with.

Enjoy the fruits of my labor! They are made with love, determination, good rain and plenty of sunshine!  Rejoice!

Rebekah Scott