Lauren Forsch

Thinker, Doer, Maker

Hey! I'm Lauren Forsch. I teamed up with Rebekah in the summer of 2016. Her business was exploding and she was getting ready to go into massive new product mode, which had me behind the cutting table drooling over new fabrics and zipper colors, helping with business strategies, and challenging Bekah to think large scale about how we can spread RSD throughout the nation. I've been fortunate enough to help engineer new products and new retail experiences. I absolutely love how important our customers are to every decision we make and one of my favorite things is helping women design their own purses and accessories that express their uniqueness! In 2018, I took RSD on the road and continue to grow the business in new areas of the country each fall. I then get to bring all of that new customer insight back to the design table to help engineer the next round of products. 

I grew up in Sioux Falls but spent my 20s traveling the world. When I am not hanging out with my family you can find me fussing over a new recipe or doing a home project.