Accessory Bundle

$75.00 $82.00

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  • Indigo Feather Wallet, Border Cosmetic, Orange Tabby Polly
  • Navajo Jeans Wallet & Cosmetic, Dakota Damask Polly
  • Orange Tabby Wallet, Indigo Tabby Cosmetic, Raspberry Salsa Polly
  • Slate Aztec Wallet, Collar Ends Cosmetic, Border Polly
  • Spice Arrow Wallet, Raspberry Salsa Cosmetic, Navy Gingham Polly
  • Tiny Blossom Wallet, Deep Persian Glory Cosmetic, Orange Tabby Polly

$75.00 $82.00


Introducing our Accessory Bundle! Included is our wallet, cosmetic and polly coin purse!

Care Instructions

Follow these easy steps to keep your new gal pal looking her best! First, we suggest spraying her with a protective spray such as Scotch Guard to protect her color. Please put off washing her for as long as you possibly can to preserve her shape and color. We recommend washing only 1-2 times a year. Then when needed, put your bag in a pillow case and seal with a hair tie or rubber band. Simply place in your washing machine with a splash of detergent and wash on the cold cycle. You can then allow her to air dry and voila! She’s as good as new! If you have any questions, please contact us! 


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