Jewelry Wrap

Jewelry Wrap


Stay organized with a creative, stylish, and washable Jewelry Wrap that features:

  • durable canvas fabric on the outside
  • soft cotton fabric on the inside
  • 8 pockets to keep you organized
  • twill tape ribbon closure

Use these beauties to store your jewelry, power cords and cables, pens and pencils, cosmetic brushes and more!

Product Details:

Approximate Dimensions
Width: 7.5 inches
Length: 14 inches

So Many Uses:

Blue Spruce Jewelry Wrap, Roadside Happy lining fabric, Hot Pink Twill Tape Ribbon

The Jewelry Wrap holds way more than just your favorite baubles... use it to store just about anything like your makeup and brushes, electronic cords, office supplies, and more!

Make it a Bundle:

TheĀ Travel Accessory Bundle is designed with gals who crave adventure and fun and includes a Kinley Cube, Wristlet and Jewelry Wrap!