Military Kinley Cube

Military Kinley Cube


We are proud to honor all RSD military customers with gratitude for their service and sacrifice by introducing the Custom Military Kinley Cube, sewn up with your BDU coat! The Kinley Cube, named after my niece, is our toiletry bag that features:  

  • vegan leather base and durable handle
  • top zipper closure
  • D-ring for easy opening
  • spacious cavity that you can fill with makeup, contacts, deodorant, lotion, and more

Once purchased, our team will email you with a shipping label to send in your camouflage jacket and work with you on the custom details (like patches and insignia) to make the finished product something you will carry with honor! Finished products will be sent out 4-5 weeks from the date we receive the uniforms.

Approximate Dimensions

Learn more about Kinley, the girl behind this accessory design! And check out more of our amazing accessories for staying organized and confident!

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