Polly 10 Pack

Polly 10 Pack

$100.00 $120.00

Get 10 of our adorable Pollies for a great price! Polly is our great little multi-purpose coin purse featuring:

  • pinch metal closure
  • cotton lining fabric (chosen by Bekah)
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Product Details

Approximate Dimensions 
(How to Measure)
Depth: 4 inches
Width: 1/4 inch
Length: 3 inches

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Ordering Made Easy

Clockwise from top left: Red Peony, Boomerang, Gala, Blue Tide, Watercolor Canvas, Santiago, Black Houndstooth, Grey Dot, Red Skipper, Chalk Dust

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So Many Uses

Chalk Dust Polly

Use a Polly for coins, pacifiers, jewelry, keys, golf tees, hair things, medicine, ear buds and so much more (even for the Tooth Fairy)! Or use it as the perfect ring holder for your wedding day!