Polly is our great little multi-purpose coin purse featuring:

  • pinch metal closure
  • durable outside canvas fabric
  • cotton lining fabric

*The lining fabrics on Pollies are chosen by Bekah and may vary from the images shown.

Product Details:

Approximate Dimensions
(How to Measure)
Depth: 4 inches
Width: 1/4 inch
Length: 3 inches

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Make it a Bundle:

Use a Polly for coins, pacifiers, jewelry, keys, golf tees, hair things, medicine, ear buds and so much more (even for the Tooth Fairy)! Purchase the Polly 10 Pack and stock up on gifts (or you can keep them too!).

Polly 10 Pack

Customer Review:

"I’ve had an RSD Polly for literally 4 years and it still looks brand new!! I’ve purchased high end products from other brands that don’t even last 3 months!! The quality is impeccable!! Love it!"
Lisa M.

Inside of Polly, Harvest lining fabric