Polly is our great little multi-purpose coin purse with endless uses such as coins, pacifiers, jewelry, keys, golf tees, hair things, medicine, ear buds and so much more (even for the Tooth Fairy) and features:

  • pinch metal closure
  • durable outside canvas fabric
  • cotton lining fabric

*The lining fabrics on Pollies are chosen by Bekah and may vary from the images shown.

Product Details:

Approximate Dimensions
(How to Measure)
Depth: 4 inches
Width: 1/4 inch
Length: 3 inches

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Make it a Bundle:

Polly 10 Pack

Purchase the Polly 10 Pack and stock up on gifts (or you can keep them for yourself too!).

Customer Review:

Inside of Polly, Harvest lining fabric

"I’ve had an RSD Polly for 4 years and it still looks brand new! The quality is impeccable!! Love it!"
Lisa M.