Ready to Ship Rozzi | China Cabinet (Brown, Poppy Pastel, Hot Pink Zippers)

Ready to Ship Rozzi

China Cabinet
Brown, Poppy Pastel, Hot Pink Zippers
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Here she comes adventuring! Rozzi is full of life, get up and go and named after my daughter, Rozelyn! Swing her over your shoulder or across your body, the Rozzi bag is the perfect purse for sporting events, concerts or fairs. Rozzi features:

  • zippered side closure
  • front zipper pocket
  • 2 interior lining pockets to keep you organized

Approximate Dimensions

Learn more about Rozzi, the girl behind this purse design and check outĀ ourĀ Size Chart.

Express Your Creativity

Add a pop of fun and creativity by upgrading to a colored zipper on your Rozzi purse!

Customer Review

"The Rozzi is a great purse for being on the go with kids or when I want to be hands free!"

Lindsay M.