Ready to Ship Rudy | Chalk Dust (Caramel, Blue Flourish, Green Zippers)

Ready to Ship Rudy

Chalk Dust
Caramel, Blue Flourish, Green Zippers
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Meet Rudy, our new mini backpack style! Named after my niece, Rhuanna Dee, this adorable and functional bag features:

  • vegan leather base, briefcase handle and adjustable backpack straps
  • top zipper closure
  • front zipper pocket 
  • interior lining pockets to keep you organized

Approximate Dimensions

Learn more about Rudy, the girl behind this purse design and check out our size chart.

Essentially Organized

Rudy is perfect for being on-the-go with plenty of room to confidently carry your essentials.

Customer Review

"Rudy is small but mighty! My 9 year old daughter uses hers to pack all her essentials for overnight stays with her cousin. She also enjoys how she can wear it while riding her bike to a friends house!"

Amanda M.