Meet Lizzy, the long pouch for pencils and writing utensils or protect your favorite pair of sunglasses or reading glasses! Named after Bekah's grandmother, this is the perfect organizing piece for your purse featuring:

  • pinch metal closure
  • durable outside canvas fabric
  • cotton lining fabric 
  • available in a bundle of four... pick one up here!

*The lining fabrics on the Lizzy are chosen by Bekah and may vary from the images shown.

Approximate Dimensions

Learn more about the woman behind this design, Grandma Elizabeth Christie, here. And check out more of our amazing accessories for staying organized and confident!

So Many Uses

Road Map Gretta, Black Vegan Leather, Grey Rose Sunglasses Case

The Lizzy can be used to store pens, pencils and highlighters, feminine care products, diabetic supplies, epi-pens and more! 

Customer Review

"I have a second Lizzy in my purse to securely store all my lip products!"

Amy R.