• "I have been looking at your website for over a year. It takes me a long time to make a decision, obviously! I decided to take the plunge in January and order the "Jill". I ordered it as a treat for myself as my birthday is in January. To my surprise, it showed up ON the day of my birthday. I was so excited. Thank you for a great purse, excellent craftsmanship and most of all a great birthday treat! I love the purse."

    Lacie K. Schroeder
  • "My wife has truly enjoyed your purses over the years. You will laugh at the number of times your name comes up with patients that have cute purses. Being a Dad of two daughters and a wife I would have never believed in my twenties that I would pay attention to handbags and shoes. Funny how things change! You have a great product and wanted to let you know."

    RSD Customer
  • "I just love the back pack purse and matching clutch I bought from RSD this summer! I carry all my essentials in the backpack, and just put $ and ID in the clutch for running into stores. Works great for me, a woman constantly on the move. This is my fourth purse from RSD and will continue to be a very happy customer. Over the years we have met and come to love the whole family, and am proud to be able to call them our friends. If you are thinking about a purse and are not sure, go for it. You will not regret it. Shop RSD!!"

  • "I just wanted to say thank you so much for fixing my purse so quickly! I am very impressed with not only that, but with how easy you are to work with. I highly recommend you to others. And also thank you for the freebies!! Again, I appreciate it so much. Thanks again"