Purify Your Diet and Cooking Habits--an Interview with Kelly the Kitchen Kop

Episode 11
Posted on September 14, 2015

Bringing tons of excellent advice on how to purify your kitchen, Kelly the Kitchen Kop is our wonderful guest on the show this week. What I love about the show this week is Kelly has advice for anyone who wants to make a change, large or small, in their diet and cooking. Of course moms (and dads) want what is best for our families to stay healthy! This episode highlights some of the basic steps we can implement to achieve a healthier life. Sharing her expertise through advice on the show, her book (found in the show notes), and her blog, Kelly opens eyes about the misconceptions of healthy food, warns to stay away from packaged, preservative-packed foods, and instead advocates real food. Listen to the show to pick up helpful tips for your lifestyle and afterwards follow up on the show notes to check out Kelly the Kitchen Kop's helpful resources.

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Check out the show notes on her website under the "Encourager Podcast" tab.

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