Episode 2-68
Posted on August 21, 2017

Margin is the act of taking a break to allow yourself time to sit, reflect, and absorb what you’ve created or accomplished. I'm practicing what I preach by taking a month off from the podcast so please listen to this episode on the subject from earlier in the season! This is SO important, especially since we all have so many roles in our lives! How will you make room for margin in your life?

Why? Margin is important because it gives you time to step back and check out for a little bit. It helps us gain a new perspective. Margin will help you stop and refresh before starting back up again.

Where? It’s important to decide where you’re going to take time for margin. In the bathtub? On the back porch? At the park? Find a space you love that is relaxing!

When? Decide when you will take time for margin. What day? What time of day? Will you schedule margin daily? Weekly? Monthly? Start slow by scheduling margin once a month. Then once a week. Then daily!

How? Block this time out in your calendar. Set a reminder on your phone. Be purposeful!

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