Marriage that Sizzles or Fizzles

Episode 2-56
Posted on May 29, 2017
Join me and my amazing husband, Nick, as we discuss our marriage and our best tips for a strong and healthy relationship!

Nick’s Best Tips for a strong and healthy marriage:
5. Have a financial plan and do the Dave Ramsey program to get on the same page!
4. Time apart is good so you appreciate when you come back together.
3. Pray together. 
2. Communication. Communication. Communication.
1. Every marriage needs a healthy sex life.

Bekah’s Best Tips for a strong and healthy marriage:
5. Have a “no cell phones on the couch” rule.
4. Greet each other with a hug and a kiss. 
3. I am on “day duty” and Nick is on “night duty.”  
2. Talk through expectations daily, especially for events and work stuff.
1. Read “A Woman After God’s Own Heart.” This was a game changer for our marriage!

What are the top priorities in your marriage?

Are there any from our lists that you could try implementing? 

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