"Me" System

Episode 2-69
Posted on August 28, 2017

I have four systems that help me stay on track in my personal life and my business and the "me" system is the first and probably most important. As I'm taking a month off from the podcast, I encourage you to listen to this episode from earlier in the series and develop your own "me" system. Having a “me” system is important because it fills me up and helps me give my best to God, my family and my business. My “me” system involves self-love, confidence, beauty (inside and outside), God and Gratitude.

I wake up early. I get up before my children so I can meet my needs before they need me.

I exercise. Fitness is important to me so I prioritize this in my life. I do Daily Burn, run, and lift weight but maybe for you, it’s just going for a walk outside! Whatever it is, just take care of your body!

I educate myself. I listen to podcasts on business or parenting so I’m constantly learning.

I spend time with God. I set aside 10 minutes to sit down and talk with (and listen to) Him. The book “2 Chairs” really challenged me to do this and it’s been a game changer.

I practice self-care. I shower, I do my hair and I put on my makeup. If that’s not your thing, that’s OK! Just do something that involves self-care and makes you feel beautiful.

I prep the night before. At the end of the day, I go through the house and my studio and I check email one last time to make sure I know what I need to accomplish the next day.

I take relaxing baths. I LOVE baths. I make them special with salts and bubble bath. It helps me relax and gives me time to reflect on the day and unwind before bed.

I dream big. I block out 2 hours on the last Thursday of the month to see what progress I’ve made on reaching my goals. I do this for my business, my marriage, my role as a parent, and my friendships.

I say affirmations out loud. And I have my daughters say them too! Look up examples online or download an app. They are SO empowering and life changing! You can search for these online but I recommend Zig Ziglar (you can sign up to receive his self-talk cards here), spiritual affirmations, and these positive affirmations from the Daily Burn!

Block out some time in your schedule to put together your "me" system. Incorporate things that are important to you and fill you up! You MUST take care of yourself in order to be the best version of who God made you to be!

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