When God Shapes Your Dreams with Merritt Onsa

Episode 3-76
Posted on October 16, 2017

Do you have a dream but fear taking steps toward it? Join me as I talk with Merritt Onsa of the Devoted Dreamers podcast who has a mission of empowering women in search of their God-shaped dreams and wants to encourage those who are taking steps in that direction.

What is a God-shaped dream?

Merritt believes dreams, no matter what shape and size, are placed within us by God. He made each of us with intention and purpose, with unique gifts, talents, and life experiences.

We often undervalue our dreams. We think our dreams aren’t “big enough” so that makes them feel as if they are not valid. We don’t even admit them to our husband or friends. “It’s just this little thing I’ve been thinking about me entire life.” That is a BIG deal!

Facing our fears.

Fear is debilitating. Fear is a road block, a big brick wall. We put aside our dream and just live in the day-to-day. Fear keeps us up at night. Fear sounds like “Who am I to do this? What if I don’t have the right skills? I can’t do this all by myself. What if I fail? What if everyone finds out I’m a fraud? What if I don’t have talent or skills to offer the world?”

We all have so many different roles, especially women. We have to ask ourselves, “Where is this going to fit?” It depends on the dream. You many need to start saying “NO” so you can say “YES” to the thing that’s burning within you! It’s hard to draw that line but sometimes it’s necessary. 

You can still thrive while living in the fear!

Making sacrifices.

One of Merritt’s sacrifices was taking her young daughter to daycare so she could work. A lot of moms and parents wrestle with this feeling! Merritt wanted to show her daughter that it’s a good thing to have a passion of her very own and wanted to show her that importance as she grows up.

Take baby steps.

Our direction often becomes clear as we take the first step. Taking this first baby step removes some of the fear.  But don’t be fooled into thinking you aren’t getting anywhere because baby steps can be BOLD too! 

Be Encouraged!

In Heather Hollemon’s bible study called Included in Christ, she says “The goal of our lives is to manifest the power and presence of God to bear witness to His greatness to every situation in our lives.”

God has a plan for His kingdom here on earth and what if there was something that He had for us in that plan that we weren’t doing? What if we miss out? What a privilege that it is that He doesn’t NEED to use me but He WANTS to use me if I am willing.

God is trustworthy. There might be failures and things may not go the way you want them to, but God does not leave you in that alone! Trust him and take the first step toward your dream.

We got this Encouragers!


If you’d like more information about Merritt Onsa, check out her website where you can read her blog, listen to her podcast, and find out more about her Dreamers Retreat event! 

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