My Favorite Job is You with guest Ashley Flynn

Episode 5-112
Posted on August 6, 2018

Before writing her first children’s book, My Favorite Job is You, Ashley worked in the high-stakes world of political fundraising. While she loved her career, she experienced a lot of mom-guilt and shame going back to work. Ashley’s balancing act with motherhood and her career led to this sweet book , which is an anthem for working moms everywhere and lets our little ones know that no matter what we do when we are away, being home is our favorite job!

What is your version of success?



What has God been placing on your heart to pursue?



We got this Encouragers!

To purchase a copy of Ashley’s book, visit her website, order from Amazon, J Ella Boutique (Sioux Falls and Brookings locations), Child’s Play Toys, Form Fitness, Simply Perfect, or purchase at Barnes and Noble! You can also follow Ashley on Facebook and Instagram!


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