Key Decisions

Episode 7-130
Posted on February 18, 2019

In order to grow your business, grow your family and prioritize what you are doing, make these key decisions to help gain clarity! Answering these questions will help you do your job that much better!

You MUST know what your priorities are before you can make your key decisions! Write them down in order and post them so you can see them often.


When will you work?
How many hours are doable in your stage of life? Write it down, set those hours, and commit to it.


Who are you going to work with?
Who is going to help you? Do you need a nanny/babysitter? Do you need an assistant or marketing person?


Where will you work?
You need a designated space for your stay-at-home job! What are the rules regarding your work and workspace? Decide what they are and let your family know.


What are your goals?
Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly goals are SO important! Write them down and post them so you can see them!


What is your “why”?
This is the ultimate goal of what you are doing what you are doing. Know this!


How will you grow your business?


We got this Encouragers!

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