Where We Are Now

Episode 8-136
Posted on April 15, 2019

This is one of my FAVORITE episodes to record, as I get to recap what has been going on with my family, my business, and The Encourager Podcast since the end of 2018 and beginning of 2019! 

Growth Year

I experienced more red months than black months with my business, Rebekah Scott Designs, in 2018. I wouldn’t have done it any differently, as I’m seeing the benefits of my investment within the first 3 months of 2019!

My Priorities

  • Servant of God
  • Wife to Nicholas
  • Mother of 4 kiddos
    • Kiddos are great and busy with activities (sports, piano, swimming, 4H!!!).
  • Owner/Designer of Rebekah Scott Designs & Podcaster for The Encourager
    • I am always evaluating my role as CEO so I can spend time dreaming bigger and spend less time doing things that aren’t working.
    • We have developed a marketing plan for the next 6-8 months and I’m designing my brains out (and LOVE it)!
    • We have expanded territory to the East Coast and are still traveling a lot in the Midwest.

The Encourager Podcast Updates

  • THANK YOU for your support and for listening!
  • I will NOT be stopping the podcast… we’re just changing a few things to make it better!
    • I can’t preach about how to make a profit and use your time wisely and not live it too.  So I had to think and pray for quite some time with how to move forward with The Encourager platform and it’s awesome members. 
  • Patreon Memberships didn’t take off, so we won’t be offering these anymore.
  • Full day Encourager Workshops aren’t taking off so we’re changing these offerings.
  • Podcast series moving forward will be 6-7 podcast episodes in length.
  • Active Facebook community (follow us here)
  • Weekly emails (sign up here)

Encourager Mastermind Groups

  • Monthly coaching group of 5-8 members
  • Meets online via Zoom for 1.5-2 hours (most likely on Friday mornings)
  • Affordable way to get coaching with me and accountability in a small group setting
  • 3 check points each month
    • Calendar
    • Priorities
    • Follow ups
  • One singular focus subject
  • These groups are for women who need help with execution of their dreams and goals, whatever they are!
  • You do NOT have to be a mom, own your own business, or have it all together.
  • You DO have to commit 4 hours per month (2 hours of coaching, 2 hours of homework), put some “skin in the game” to focus on goals and life balance, WANT the change, and be open to small tweaks, expansion in your plans and huge mindset shifts.

I can no longer offer a free podcast, free content and hours of work that go into it unless you Encouragers take the leap into implementing it! I am choosing to focus on 6-7 podcast series, the Facebook community and Encourager Mastermind Groups for the rest of the year.

Please prayerfully consider whether these groups will be part of your life moving forward to really accomplish all you set out to in 2019! What if this group would guarantee it? What if this group answered your questions in detail and left no room for failure or setbacks?  What if this group turned out to be the ticket you needed to see your dream come true? 

I am offering you that ticket! Think of me as your conductor and I just punched your ticket.  Secure your space now at the encouragerpodcast.com.

Say yes to you. 
Say yes to progress.
Say yes to profit.
Say yes to grace instead of guilt.
Say yes to success your way. 

We got this Encouragers!

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