Transparent Pricing

Rebekah Scott Designs exists to help women realize their own creativity and feel more confident in all their roles. We create the highest quality handmade purses and accessories that are both stylish and organized! At RSD, we make and ship our own items so you get a custom product that YOU designed at a great price.


We source the highest quality and most durable fabrics and materials for our items so they last and help you get the job done with confidence! Because we use vegan leather, our purses are washable and when cared for properly they will last for years to come.


Our purses and accessories are all made in the USA by a team of talented, hardworking, driven women who desire to earn an income while raising their family. We insist on paying our seamstresses well, often starting them at $15 per hour. As they become more proficient over time, they can earn up to $25/hour. 


Our management and administrative team work hard to make wise decisions for our company. Their salary, along with other necessary monthly expenses, are included in the overhead category. We do our best to run an efficient, cost-effective business while taking good care of our customers, contractors and employees. 


Rebekah has a HUGE heart for giving and fully stands by the motto: "We give because HE gives!" You'll often find us giving back to our customers and communities with fun promotions and generous giveaways. We enjoy encouraging the creativity within ourselves and others, and are always working to create new, original products and improve on our designs to ensure our customers are getting the highest return on their investment.


As you become more organized, stylish and inspired with your purchase from RSD, remember this: You are also supporting each of our team members' dreams and goals to earn a living while providing quality items to help people around the nation tackle life confidently and creatively!

"When you shop small, a real person does a happy dance!"