A Bold Ask From a Bold Encourager

We are wrapping up another full season of the Encourager Podcast, and it is causing me to reflect on how much I love podcasting. Before this season, I took an extended break from recording to focus on other goals, which was definitely the right decision. But man, I am glad to be back at it!

Why do I love it?

There are lots of reasons, but mainly it’s because I am certain God has equipped me to help and encourage others. When I started recording again, I just had a deep sense that this is something I can offer after so many years of learning.

If you are a person who has benefited from the Encourager, you can know that I am so grateful! I am humbled that God would use me to help you in some way. I am thankful that anybody with a phone or computer can listen to all kinds of inspiring and practical episodes — all for free! 

That said, now is when I want to be a little bold with you. Would you consider going a step further than only listening to the episodes?

If the Encourager has made a difference in your life — if these tips and tricks have helped you — please consider visiting our Encourager Store. We have all kinds of great products, from sweatshirts to stickers to journals to my book. Purchasing something from this store is a real way you can help us encourage women, far and wide. It will help keep the podcast going — and stay free!

We also provide the Encourager Academy, which is a wonderful way to get more personalized coaching than what you are already getting with the podcast. It is designed to help you make key decisions to be more effective and confident in all your roles. I am positive that you will be happy you signed up, and this is also another way you can invest in the Encourager. 

Another simple way to show your appreciation is to subscribe, leave a review, and share. All of these increases our audience, which of course enables us to encourage more women.

Like I said, I feel bold in writing this kind of blog post, but I know our content is making a difference. When you shop with us — including at Rebekah Scott Designs and 1948 Leather Company — you are a part of that difference.

So, please consider making a purchase from our Encourager Storesubscribing, rating and reviewing, or signing up for our Academy. You can make a direct impact doing one (or all!) of these things!

Onward and upward,

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