Celebrating 40 Years

Do you have people in your life who go all out for their birthday — and maybe even their half birthday? Well, I’ve never been one of those people. But my twin sister Sarah totally is! She is the party girl who loves to celebrate, so I’m thankful to share a birthday with her, going on 40 years. :)

Sarah was technically born first, and to this day she still says, “I got my minute in!” Now that we’re 40, I feel like I can tease her about being older than me!

We celebrate every year with a shopping trip and Chinese food, and this year we are stepping it up for the big 4-0. On Friday night (TONGIHT, January 21 — our actual birthday!) Sarah and I will go live in Debbie (our cargo van) and reminisce about life and vendor trips over the years, plus play a game of Never Have I Ever. It should be a good time with lots of laughs!

We are also using this milestone to reflect over the many ways God has blessed us. So much could be said, but we thought it would be fun to come up with a list of our 40 favorite things. Feel free to comment with a list of your own!


  1. 1948 Leather Lauren Bag
  2. Bob Goff
  3. Golden Girls
  4. Wallet
  5. Kinley Cube
  6. 1948 Leather Tassels
  7. Spousal business meeting
  8. Maggie mascara (this is from redaspen.com)
  9. Anti Aging Facial Elixir from Juniper Apothecary
  10. Dr. Teal bath products
  11. Massage Guns
  12. 1948 Leather Wrap Bracelets
  13. Free Spirit Fibers
  14. Letters to God
  15. Affirmations
  16. Seasonal agenda sheets (all found on the Encourager resources page)
  17. Sorel shoes
  18. Burpees
  19. Wreaths: my favorites are from ANYWHERE!
  20. London Fog


  1. Mealime app
  2. Audible
  3. Michele Borba’s books Thrivers and Unselfie
  4. Bible journaling (here are some pens to get started!)
  5. Brooks running shoes
  6. Garmin watch
  7. Amber Backpack
  8. Lizzy
  9. Cosmetics
  10. Bible Cover
  11. 1948 Leather Reid Backpack
  12. Weekly Agenda Sheet
  13. Key fobs
  14. Lanyards
  15. Jenny for travel
  16. Terra Cube
  17. 1948 Leather Braided Key Fob
  18. Wild Goat
  19. Strong Women podcast
  20. Timehop app

There you have it! 40 of our favorite things that give you a snapshot into our busy, joy-filled lives. We considered a big trip or adventure to celebrate 40 together, but in this stage of life, we both wanted to celebrate with our families. So we are going to a hotel in Brandon so the kids can swim and we can chat. Maybe we’ll go on an adventure when we’re 50. :)

I hope you can tune in to celebrate with us TONIGHT!


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  • Rachel

    Happy 40th Birthday girls! So happy you get to celebrate together!

  • Angie

    Happy 40th, Rebekah and Sarah! I hope your day is extra blessed! 😁

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