Celebrating Our Daughters

Celebrating Our Daughters

This week we are featuring one of our most precious gifts at Rebekah Scott Designs: our daughters!

You might know that I name the purses after people who have had an impact on my life, and this of course includes our daughters. We call them our tiny coworkers, because my studio is not filled with adults quietly sewing. No, it’s much better than that! We have joyful, energetic, goofy girls around us all the time, and this blog features most of RSD’s tiny coworkers.

My three daughters are Iversyn (13), Rozelyn (9) and Pixyn (7), and the purses named after them all match their personalities. If you click on the link with their name, you can read more about the purse named after each daughter.

My sister Sarah’s daughter is Rhuanna (5), which is where Rudy got her namesake. Rhu is sweet and stylish like her mom, and we are so thankful to have her for a niece.

Angie, my executive assistant, has two daughters: Jovie (6) and Zephy Mae (2). They are like cousins to my kids, and they bring energy and joy to their mom’s workplace.

I love to create for these little girls, and to see their joy in a product named for them. We decided to ask our daughters a few interview questions, and it’s so fun to see their personalities grow and develop. Hopefully a little shows through with their responses below!

What is one thing you are good at?
Iversyn: Sports.
Jovie: Riding my scooter and making friends!
Pixyn: basketball and art
Rhuanna: Playing with my toys.
Rozelyn: Volleyball.

Which of your nicknames do you like the most?
I: Sunshine.
J: JuJu is what my little sister, Zephy, calls me. That one's my favorite!
P: Pix.
Rh: Rhu.
Ro: Rozzi Doz.

What do you think you will be doing 10 years from now?
I: Hair stylist.
J: Probably learning more and more math?
P: I don't know!
Rh: I will be doing gymnastics. 
Ro: Traveling the world.

What do you think your parents do at work all day?
I: Sew and farm and animals.
J: My dad does school stuff and my mom works on her computer.
P: Sew and farm.
Rh: Mom teaches kids; dad works at work.
Ro: Sew and farm and construction.

What do you know how to do that you could teach me?
I: Do math.
J: I could teach you not to say bad words!
P: Dribble.
Rh: I could teach you how to paint. 
Ro: Build a teepee.

What is your favorite outfit to wear?
I: Sportswear.
J: My blue butterfly dress!
P: Camo leggings and sweatshirt.
Rh: Christmas pj’s! 
Ro: Holey jeans and shirts.

One word to describe you would be:
I: Helpful.
J: Silly!
P: Kind.
Rh: Nice. 
Ro: Funny.

If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?
I: Lion, one of God's disciples.
J: I would be a cheetah because I'm really fast!
P: Fox and cheetah because of their patterns!
Rh: Unicorn because they have a cool horn and hair. I’m going to ask God if unicorns are real!
Ro: Giraffe — long neck to see!

What are your favorite books and/or movies?
I: Mary Poppins and Riding Freedom book
J: That Pesky Rat is my favorite book, and I love the Croods movies!
P: Fancy Nancy and Sing 2.
Rh: My favorite book is Violet the Pilot, and movie is My Little Pony. 
Ro: Locker 37 books and Mary Poppins.

How many kids do you want to have someday, and why?
I: Four or three, depends on how much I love them.
J: Three ... because I just want three kids!
P: Undecided — depends on my husband!
Rh: 89, because I hope they’re cool!  
Ro: Zero; I want dogs.

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