Imagining in 2024

Everyone who knows me knows my favorite months are September and January because both emphasize goals. January is about setting new ones, and September is about finishing strong. :)

As this motivating month comes to a close, I thought I would let you in on some of my plans and reflections for 2024. 

I always start the new year with a personal retreat, which I CANNOT recommend highly enough. (I talk all taking an annual retreat on this podcast episode!) The majority of how I spend my time is reflecting over the past year, and a small part is planning for the new year. 

For 2024, I came away with the word “imagine.” I hesitated a lot because I think it sounds so flowery! However, I am by nature a practical action taker, in a way that is easy to rely on myself and forget my dependence on God. “Imagine” takes my out of my practicality and self-dependence and reminds to to imagine what God can do. 

I am super excited to imagine how God might use me to help other women this year. I am in a season when I can offer more one-on-one coaching, and you can see how I’m doing that here. I truly love walking alongside women to help them meet their goals, whether they are big or small. 

Along those lines, group coaching with Clarity Blueprint has been an incredible experience! We started it in September, and it’s been so fun to see changes in people’s lives. Also, we are celebrating 250 episodes with the Encourager as of this past Monday! I’m so thankful for the role God has given me in encouraging others, and you can listen all about this milestone here

For some really practical goals this year, I want to drink more water and read my Bible more consistently. We also have a big business goal that I am excited about, but I can’t say yet. Stay tuned! :) Our kids also set goals for 2024, which they have hung on their bunk beds. (It’s so cute!) 

In all these things, it’s not so much about meeting goals, but about being intentional. That’s what we are supposed to do — be faithful with our talents and our resources. Being intentional might be doing the dishes, but the point is that we are not idling through life. 

Imagine what God might do in and through you in 2024, and be intentional in how you follow Him!


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