Introducing a New RSD Amazon Store

Throughout my seven years of podcasting with the Encourager, our RSD team has provided a ton of free resources, as well as countless recommendations, for our awesome customers and RSD community. We decided it was time we get these resources compiled in one place so you can quickly, easily find the products that help you thrive in your God-given roles.

My Amazon store is a list of our top favorite items organized by the five systems: me, food, family, work and home. Some of these favorite things add help in the kitchen, some add efficiency, and some add beauty. Here is a taste of what you can find in the store:

I also love sharing the latest books I’m reading, and the Amazon store is a great way to showcase them all together. Keep reading my blog to get my latest book review and information about where to find the book!

The reason I started podcasting — and have kept podcasting — is because I feel a unique calling from God to encourage others. I’ve always loved supporting the people around me, and the Encourager has made this possible in big ways. 

Our Amazon store, and the links to these products on our website and blog, are all part of our affiliate marketing, which is a fancy way of saying that a portion of the sales comes back to the Encourager (at no added cost to you). So whenever you shop through our store or these links, you are helping the Encourager after seven years of free podcasting.

I am so thankful for our creative, loyal RSD community, and I’m excited for this new way to help us shop together, which means also reading, cooking and making together.

Onward and upward,

This post contains Amazon affiliate links, so I earn a small commission at no cost to you if you purchase through these links. Thank you for supporting the blog!

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