People Behind RSD: Alexis

I tell people all the time: I have the best customers, and I get to work with the best people.

One of our newest team members joined the RSD team this past winter — meet Alexis, our fabulous brand photographer. It has been a joy working with her, and she is such a light! She is always positive, inquisitive and ready for more. Alexis has been gracious with us as we’ve shifted a few responsibilities around, now best using her invaluable skill sets: photography and graphics.

If you’re on our email list, maybe you’ve noticed the adorable email graphics that move and invite you into a story? Her photography has also been a huge blessing. Photography is a main way we connect RSD to customers, especially those who aren’t local. Alexis nails the details! Plus, she’s laidback and flexible with my noisy farmhouse and four kiddos nearby while she’s taking photos. :)

I love to see a woman’s confidence and creativity shine, and Alexis is truly a beacon of light! Enjoy getting to know her through this interview. :)

What is your role at Rebekah Scott Designs? 

Brand Photographer, I do all the photoshoots for RSD and design the graphics for the emails.

How long have you worked for RSD? 

I have been at RSD for eight months now and love it! No day is the same, and there are always new things to learn. The team of ladies I work with is so dedicated and amazing! 

Tell us a little about your family. 

I just got married this last year to my best friend, Nick Crowley. It’s just the two of us with our furbaby, Winnie. We are currently working on building/restoring a house in my hometown. 

Where is your hometown? 

Steen, Minnesota. It’s a very small town that if you blink, you’ll miss it! 

What are some of your hobbies?  

I love crafting activities and portrait photography. Also, I love to garden and go camping.

Do you have a favorite RSD purse? What do you like about it?

I love my Pixie! I am a small bag kind of girl, so it’s the perfect size! Plus, I love that I can wear it as a wristlet or add a crossbody to it. 

Do you have a favorite RSD fabric? 

I love geometric outsides with floral insides! My favorite combos right now are Spearhead with Juniper Breeze and Midnight Geo with Cinnamon Bouquet. 

We’re curious about a few of your favorites.

Favorite book: I love to read so it’s hard for me to pick a favorite! Anything with drama and a good romance is a great book to me!
Favorite restaurant: All Day Cafe
Favorite place you traveled: Edinburgh, Scotland

Is there a specific reason you wanted to work for RSD? 

I had the opportunity to intern with a company that had previously done their marketing and got first-hand experience doing RSD’s photography. I fell in love with not only how cute bags are but that you can design a bag to fit your lifestyle. It was such a unique and wonderful experience that I was beyond excited to join their team!

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