People Behind the Purses: Jane

By now I hope you’ve seen her — Jane, our newest purse style, and by far our most requested!

You just can’t deny that everybody is wearing a belt bag. After seeing 5,000 of them everywhere, I knew this trend was here to stay.

Jane is different from what you’ll find at most places, though, because as I like to joke, black nylon is my arch nemesis. You can browse our ready-to-ship belt bags to see how adorable Jane is in all kinds of colors and textures! 

You can wear it as a fanny pack, and most likely you’ll wear it crossbody — either way, it allows you to go hands-free. The strap is made with a side release buckle, which makes it really easy to pull on and off. 

Jane keeps you hands-free while still holding your essentials — and it’s super stylish! And this is why it is so fittingly named for my youngest daughter, Pixyn Jane.

We had to discontinue the Pixie clutch, so Pixyn was on me for a new style! And Jane is a perfect match. Pixyn is my fashionista, always observant of the people around her, what they are wearing and saying and doing. This little bag fits her small size and her eye for trends and style. 

Keep on reading to get to know more about my daughter, Pixyn Jane!

1. How do you know Rebekah?

She is my amazing mom. (These are her words; I swear!)

2. Give us a brief bio of yourself.

I live in the country near my school, VSE (Valley Springs Elementary). I live near three states and we farm. I am eight years old and I love my family and playing outside. I love to ride horses and color.

3. How many RSD purses do you own?

Six: JaneGusRudy, a Bible coverLizzy, and a Polly.

4. Do you have a favorite fabric?

Longhorn Cowhide and Gold Arrow

5. Do you own/have you seen the Jane purse yet? What do you like about it?

Yes, I got to design one right away! It’s in Longhorn Cowhide, with Gold Arrow on the inside, and a Jewel zipper! I like the style and size!

6. We're curious about a couple of your favorites: favorite book? favorite ice cream?

My favorite books are the Bible, and The Giving Tree. My favorite ice cream flavors are ALL OF THEM!

7. Do you have a quote or motto you live by?

Be kind, humble and honest.

8. Do you have a must-have item in your purse, and why?


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