People Behind the Purses: Lia

How do you know Rebekah?

I have known Bekah for the past 16 years. We met when she was camp counselor of mine. We spent the next several summers traveling to the Black Hills to counsel the summer camp together … rapidly becoming best friends. Several hours of sweaty hikes, ultimate frisbee games, leading kids into the haunted cave, and midnight Oreo eating have gone into this friendship.

Give us a brief bio of yourself.

I have lived in Sioux Falls for the past four years. I moved back after finishing school to be become a physician assistant. I love the outdoors — biking, golfing, and running. Bekah’s bags go to the gym and work with me each day!

How many RSD purses do you own?

How many RSD purses do I own?! My closet is full of them. I have two that I use on a daily basis — one as my gym bag and the other is my carry-all Phoebe that goes to and from the office.

Do you have a favorite fabric?

My favorite fabric seems to change with each new bag that I see Bekah carry! I am partial to any of the charcoal/grey tones, and I love the chevron.

Do you own the purse named after you? What do you like about it?

… I actually don’t! It would be perfect if I were still in school, though!

Do you have a quote or motto that you live by?

Work hard, be kind, and have fun.

We’re curious about a few of your “favorites”:

Favorite movie: Despicable Me 2
Favorite book: The Harry Potter series. I cried and cried at the end.
Favorite ice cream: I’m not a big ice cream girl … but love a good latte or glass of red wine!

What is your must-have item in your purse at all times and why?

A hair tie, headphones, chap stick, and a pair of socks … because I’m in trouble at the office or the gym if I forget any of these!

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