The New Website is Here!

By now, I hope you’ve seen it. Our website got a COMPLETE makeover, and I am super excited!

To be clear, I couldn’t be more scared and excited at the same time. This has been a huge undertaking with many late nights and Saturdays for my staff, but I am positive it is so worth it for you, our awesome customers.

We loved our old website, but we increasingly faced a good problem: we were outgrowing it. This new-and-improved will give you a personalized user experience. 

You are able to access everything you’ve bought from us, so you can easily coordinate your designs and styles. In our catalog, there are also now all kinds of filters, making finding your own purse tailor-made for YOU. If you know you want a purse with a top zipper, there’s a filter for that. If you want to wear it as a backpack, there’s a filter for that.

And then to design your own, you have all the filters to help you, and you get to choose everything from start to finish. My dream is to set the standard for what custom means. 

We still have much to learn about we can do with, so stay on the look out for updates and tutorials on my blog. I’m excited for you to embark on this journey with us as we grow and expand, helping more and more women grow in creativity and organization. 

So, check it out, explore around, and feel free to send us your feedback!


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  • Sherry Schatz

    Hello, not sure if you remember me. I am Start to Finish Sewing. We met at the Fargo Street fair a few years ago. Just wanted to wish you well as we start to re open our world again. I look forward to running into you again and hope we will have a few minutes to chat. Have a great selling season!

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