Pack Your Bags!

With a combination of warmer weather and restrictions loosening, I think we are all dying to get out, no matter where we are! I love to travel — and I crave it now more than ever.

RSD has you covered for all your travel plans, giving you the best function and style. Instead of trying to fit a hard, boring, black suitcase above your seat on an airplane, RSD bags are all flexible. And the design is inspiring! 

You get to be the designer of your bags, and this immediately creates a story. Someone notices your bright, one-of-a-kind Olive, and a conversation about who you are and where you’ve come from has begun. 

All our large bags (JennyElizabethGusOlivePhilip Tote) fit airline carryon measurements, so you don’t have to bother with baggage claims. And you can fit bags within bags! I like to pack my Pixie for a night out, Cosmetic for a mask and hand sanitizer, and my cubes for toiletries — all in my Elizabeth

Looking through our whole Travel Collection, I find the Kinley Cube and Terra Cube to be the highest essentials. They are flexible — no more hard Kaboodles! ;) 

Even when we stay at my parents’ place, who live only an hour away, my family of six still has a lot to pack, and it all fits into two Elizabeths. Our kids each have their own Gus and Cosmetic, which they use for their own overnight trips. 

Here are what a few of our awesome customers have had to say about traveling with RSD:

Mardee Baxley: “I have an Elizabeth... great for an overnight or travel bag... she took all 5 of us to the beach Saturday.”

Amy-beth Smith: “I love the Rozzi when I travel because it hold a lot and easy to hike with.”

Tamera Weis: “My fully packed Red Skipper Gus slides easily under the seat making it the perfect travel "purse". My RSD Peggy is packed inside so when I get to my destination I can pull it out and leave Gus at the hotel.”

So check out our Travel Collection, and go find a cheap flight. ;)

Onward and upward,

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